The following page will detail the War Method which will be the only way to agressively capture territory from another player without forcing them to capitulate. The method will follow a rolling system where in modifiers are applied from strategic positions, and events during the war. A total of 3 battles must be won per territory captured in rolls, any Roleplay fighting does not count towards this fighting, and only serves to further the roleplay.


Between you and the agressor decide upon a battlemaster (Can be anyone in the group) If you can't decide then it will fall to tomasz or ninja


Confidentially assign a certain amount of production points to the battle, this information is to be given in private to the battle master.


establish a point for the attacking sides FoB


The defender deploys units in defence. In a turn based activity, the attacker attacks with units at each of the defence points (minimum 5). Units are defined by the battle master as expending a certain amount of production points


Battle master rolls after applying modifiers for troops and basic modifiers in accordance with the below list.


After each turn, defender moves troops around, and attacker goes back to attacking, unless a counter attack is made.

Modifiers list:

Air Base (+0.025 within a range of 1000 miles)

Military Base (+0.05 within a range of 350 miles)

Orbital support (+0.05 owning a space base)

Communications Array (+0.025 )

Home sector (+ 0.02 sector must have been a starting sector or owned for a minimum of 18 periods (1.5 years))

Defensive support (+0.01 per adjacent territory)

Offensive support (+0.008 per adjacent territory)

Previous Win Confidence (+0.01 player must have won last battle in this territory)

Desperation (+0.025 one more loss will cede the territory)

Capital (+0.05 The capital of the nation is in this territory, they will fight hard for this)

Foreign Support (+0.05 Dictated foreign support , soldiers,supplies etc)

Military Defences (+0.025 within 100 miles of any military base when defending)

Sector Capital (+0.03 owning the sectors capital.)