This page is for the rules and mechanics of the Dawn of Tomorrow Project.

General Rules

  • No hate speech allowed.
  • No removal of page content on the wiki without authorization.
  • Any undue edits to key wiki pages which can be considered stupid will result in a week ban.

Nation Rules

  • You may not control more than one nation at a time.
  • Your nation must have a designated capital.
  • The giving of an area from a player to a player does not count towards captured settlements, and thus can be done at any point.
  • You are expected to keep your nations wiki page, and modern history sections up to date.

Warfare rules

  • You may only attempt to capture 5 sectors per week unless you own a Communications Array
  • A player must win best 3 out of 5 in order to capture a sector from a player.
  • Strategic Positions may not be used in the same period in which they are capture.
  • You do not control the actions of NPC's Only influence them.
  • All Player vs Player Battles will be rolled using the War Method
  • All bases must be declared before a roll, a roll will not be redone in light of new information that was not provided to the roller.