Great South American Technocratic Federation (Great South American Technocratic Federation)
Nueva República de la Gran Panamá (New Republic of Gran Panama)
The Republican Technocratic Flag
Leader: Carlos Alberto Del CAstillo Cabeza De Vaca VII & An Elder Council.
Denonym: The Technocratic State
Anthem: Long live the Technocrats! Long live our military! Long live Nueva República de la Gran Panamá!
Government Type: Militerized Republican Technocracy
Approximate Civilian Population:  ≈
Military Strength: N/A

Total Ground Forces ≈ N/A

Total Elite Forces ≈ N/A

Total Reserve≈ N/A

Navy: N/A

Total: N/A

Vehicles: N/A

Total: N/A

Total Military: N/A

Militia: N/A

Air: N/A

National Reserve ≈ N/A

Economic Form: Semi-State Regulated Trade.

Trade Stance: Regulated Free Trade.

Foreign Relations:

Expansion Map of NRGP 1

Shown in light green, the NRGP stands glorious in S. America!

Your Armed forces? Your foreign relations?


The administration of the New Republic of Gran Panama is broken up into three main portions. These three systems are drafted after the early United States checks and balances. Although, drafted is the the same as copied, the checks and balances is probably the only similar system that governs. The main administrative body that deals with social, cultural, and economic policies is called the Elder Librarian Council, or the Order of the Library. The second body in government is the Order of the Pen and Shield. Lastly, the third body of the government is the Order of the Hammer.

  • The order of the Elder Librarian Council is one of astute knowledge of the arts, political sciences, cultural trends, and the social implementation of acts and documentation. This is the legislative making division of the government, their job to make and pass laws under their trained eyes.
  • The order of the Pen and Shield is the educational and defense departments of the government, also side acting as the judiciary law, forming the 'supreme court' of judges. This part of the government is responsible for education, defense, and judiciary action. This part of the government also maintains all of the diplomats of our country. (If we send a diplomat to your country we recognize your existence.)
  • The order of the Hammer is the body of the government that maintains all trade, construction, and infrastructure in the country. This also extends to the Military Industrial complex, who works under the Order of the Hammer.


Its no doubt that the NRGP has some of the most advanced assassin droids, seeing their ability to economically control most of South America.