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Regions of the Asia-Pacific.

A Governor-General (GG) is the highest possible title for a governor within the Asia-Pacific Coalition and are generally in charge of entire regions as opposed to specific sectors. Governor-Generals are chosen by the governors of their region who constitute the regional assembly and, due to the great many parties in the Asia-Pacific, generally lead a coalition of multiple parties. The duties of a Governor-General differ from a normal Governor as they work to administrate and serve the interests of an entire region as opposed to a single sector and have a fair deal of authority over Governors. Governor-Generals are officially the Commander-in-Chief of their regions and as such directly command their local National Guard, though the President holds the right to assume control of these forces in the event of an emergency.

Criteria ΔEdit

Governor-Generals are, with so far no exceptions, almost exclusively players who have joined the Asia-Pacific Coalition in the Dawn of Tomorrow group. Their regions are chosen by the President of the Asia-Pacific Coalition, who is currently Texar, and while they have the right to opt out of serious leadership positions within the Executive Council, the Asia-Pacific's highest executive body, so far the only example of this being Krazypopcorn506 of the Pacific Region with all others taking up positions on the Executive Council.

In the event a player should leave and no one joins to replace them within a reasonable time frame, their region will likely dissolve and their character will lose their rank of Governor-General, though in the event that a new player joins while all regions are occupied by other players then a new region shall be carved out at the President's discretion and they shall be given the opportunity to create a new character to take on the role of Governor-General in that new region.

Current Governor-Generals ΔEdit

As there are currently seven main regions in the Asia-Pacific, there are seven sitting Governor-Generals.

Region Governor-General Player Party
APCPacificRegionFlag Pacific Region N/A Krazypopcorn506 N/A
APCSouthRegionFlag Southern Region N/A Manomed177 CC
APCSoutheastRegionFlag Southeast Region Melati Cinta Texar CC
APCEastRegionFlag Eastern Region Sentaro Gushiken Meel LDP
APCWestRegionFlag Western Region Yesaya Yohanis Talau Djzman SDP
APCCentralRegionFlag Central Region Fei Piaofen Someone7777 SPP
APCNorthRegionFlag Northern Region Diache Eito Sporegod1 Ind.