Ebo Shama



Governor of West Africa and Minister of Foreign Affairs


February 6 2032 - ? (Age ?)



Job History: Former governor of Ghana
Family: N/A
Politics: African Social Democrates(Social Democrate)
Religion: Akan


Accra, Ghana



Ebo Shama(Born February 6, 2032) is the Current governor of West Africa, as well as minister of foreign affairs.


Ebo Shama was born in a slum in Accra. He never went to school. But he had his own charismatic scenery. And that skill soon made him a big name in the Accran underground. He lived a life in corruption. Having people to collect protection money, he didn't worry about anything.

But it all changed when he met Maabade Sekondi. He still couldn't read. So he hired someone to teach him how to write and read. Maabade was that someone. Maabade was not a part of the acran uderground. He came from a high class quarter of the city. Today Maabade is a close friend and advisor of Ebo.

And so, Ebo was quick to learn it. He took interest in reading. He wrote several books while learning how to write. But while he got educated, the teacher also made him see other people as actual people.

He used some of his money to construct a cocoa factory. He told his men no longer to claim protection money. Instead he showed them how to work.

The factory went great. Soon he expanded it, and became the Accras biggest producer of cocoa. He recruited workforce from the lowclass areas of Accra. He recruited those who had no other way than going into gangs.

But he sought to get further in life. He wanted for more power. He made a campaign for being governor in the small region of Ghana. Being one of the citys most famed people, he won the election of 2049. He made many great things for the low class people in the country. Ghana wasn't the african country with least difference between rich and poor, but it felt like.

At the beginning of his carrier he went free run. No party to bind to. Yet the African Social Democrats had several times tried to recruit him. In 2053 he became a part of the party. And already one of the next years, he were a candidate to become the minister of foreign affairs. But he had to wait all the time to 2056 to become a minister.