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Welcome Center

Welcome to the Dawn of Tomorrow Wiki, where the DoT community tries to comprehensively record all aspects of the Dawn of Tomorrow Group. The Dawn of Tomorrow is a new group of minibuilders and roleplayers who work together on the Dawn of Tomorrow Project, a collaborative wall-based roleplay project set in a future where the world is divided not by nations but by massive unions.

Getting Started

We're still pretty young, so this is still a great time to get involved! Get in touch with the group owner, Djzman, or just ask on the wall if you need any help!

Recent Activity

We've formed the wiki! Please feel free to help us fill it in as the Dawn of Tomorrow Project takes shape!


Is your Nations page filled in?

  • Does it give any information on your administrative divisions?
  • Your Armed forces?
  • Your foreign relations?
  • Do you have a flag and coat of arms?

Have you made a page for your character or characters?

  • Have you given a summary of who they are?
  • Their role in the world?
  • What's their job?
  • Their age?
  • Their ideology?
  • Their history?

Has a major event happened recently?

  • Does it have a page?
  • Is all possible information recorded there?
  • Does it rely on canon roleplay?
  • Does it include dates for the span of the event?

There's still lots that we could use some help with around here, only through preservation of canon and further world building can we ensure the project's further success!

Group Activities

The Dawn of Tomorrow group is exclusively devoted to the Dawn of Tomorrow Project.

Jobs Board

This is a section to list some odd jobs that we need help with around the wiki.

  • Flags and coats for all nations
  • Resources pages
  • Game mechanics pages
  • Pages for all continents and names
  • Pages for major conflicts
  • Pages for all major characters and any mentioned in roleplay
  • Pages for all major cities
  • (And more...)
Forum Activity

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