Confederate - NSA War

Date: March 2100 - Present
Location : North America, brief fighting in the Carribean
Status: Ongoing


CSA ( Initial )

NSA ( Initial )

UK ( Support - CSA )

USWA ( Support - CSA )

USSA (Support - CSA )

State Of Spain ( Support - NSA )

NGRP ( Support - CSA )


Combined forces of the CSA ( With supporters ): 6.2 Million

- 1.4 Million (CSA)

- 1.2 Million (USSA)

- 2.4 Million (USWA) 

- 1.2 (UK)

Combined forces of the NSA ( With supporters ) 3.9 Million

1.7 Million ( NSA)

2.2 Million ( State Of Spain )

 This conflict was started in March of 2100, when Confederate forces had launched an attack on New York City, the capital of the National Syndicalists Of America (NSA)


 In support of the Confederate States Of America (CSA) members of ATO had declared their support of the CSA in the war, with most joining against the NSA. The largest supporter in this war is contested between the United States Of Western America, and the United Kingdom.   


 The fighting in North America has seen small advances, but only to be pushed back by counter-attacks from the NSA. Britain has launched multiple naval invasions on the east coast, capturing the state of Maine very briefly. Spanish forces has soon after recaptured the state, handing it back to NSA hands. Since this, fighting has seen a decline, with many suggesting a peace.